We are a Missionary Catholic Family Company based in Bedford, Texas and founded to to share what we have learned about creatively sharing the faith. We have always loved the idea of being able to use and find inspiring products and services that, not only have good quality, but also a background of faith that contributes something to the development and growth of those who use it.

Our experience in the communication area and pastoral work goes back to being Missionairies in Spain with communication projects that involved ondemand videos and livestreaming Catholic events in different places of the world. We know how complex each parish is and the different reality each one lives. Thats the main reason we want to create a specific solution for each parish.

Livestream Consulting Services for Catholic Parishes

Live-streaming has been used for years by parishes all around the world. Though still a newer technology, live-streaming services can be confusing and overwhelming for people not familiar with this type of technology. Our Bishops and Catholic Church Leaders are encouraging Parishes to keep their parishioners close to the life of the Church through Live-streaming Mass, adorations, and so on.

We are offering personal consulting solutions to Parishes that are interested in this Pastoral service for their parishioners, but may not know where to start. We will visit your parish, hear your needs and find solutions with the assets your Parish already has. We will design a system that adapts to the budget and reality of your capacities and offer an effective training to your communications or IT teams.